Over the past 10 Years PT Oil Collection has been collecting used cooking

oil, providing quick service from start to finish.

From supplying new oil to taking away the oil, we have focused on working with

the customer to tailor their oil collection to their special needs, we save you

money and time by  getting the job done on time.

Kate – Catering Company Sydney

I just love dealing with these guys, they come on time every time, out collection driver is a real star, gets the job done and does not even make drop of mess, thanks a mill.

Alec – Coffee Shop Alexandria

You guys rock, not a problem at all, love that i can contact you at any time, and speak to a real person, reliable and friendly, I can spend time on my business and not have to worry about oils.

Nav – Take away Shop Linfield

I love the fact that i can sms the collection through makes it so easy, when i notice my drum is full i can send a message and just know the job will get done.

Corey – Cafe Pyrmont

I have been dealing with these guys for nearly 8 years, Keep up the good work.